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Manufactured in Japan, Arata Titanium Exhaust Systems are the "New World Standard" for all replacement exhaust systems. When considering the street or the racetrack, Arata is the absolute cutting edge in exhaust technology. For over 25 years in Japan under the name "Striker" and 15 years here in the US, Arata has provided the highest quality of titanium available in the world.


Arata exhausts are precision and hand crafted systems:

-TIG welded
-Utilizes longer and smoother bends, allowing for more flow and increased power
-Tapered head pipes and elbows (mid-pipe)
-Oval elbows and head pipe crossovers where needed, as "only maximum performance is acceptable"
-"Silent Sports" packing from Germany is the highest-grade packing available for the longest life and the highest durability manufactured in the world.
-Arata's spring design is a flexible "hook style" on both ends with a rubber coating for protection.

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When you put it all together...
-A super lightweight system, extremely high hosepower gains
-A muffler system 2nd to none in the business
-Arata's unprecedented craftsmanship made out of the finest materials available today


Arata titanium exhaust systems are the only real, true choice.

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